Bewitching East Java

I'm among of those who believes that traveling is a form of devotion to God, whatever the religion that we hold. So when the Campus holiday has started, impulsively I decided to spend it with a little trip of town out.

East Java was the purpose. Surabaya was the first city I visited. Picked up by Dwi Ardiyanto at Wonokromo station. Then the next days Ayos Purwoaji took me around the Old City, Bungkul park, Ampel region, Suramadu Bridge, until Jember (town of Ayos domicile).

I took some photos which mostly poor results and failed. These are some early pretty decent in my opinion. hehehe. So, for further, let the P(h)oet(o)ry will describe it.

A moment passed by some reasons
An enchanted wandering boy of seasons
The sin of eye follows thunder
The sea of sad is hollow and bitter

Hey fellas! You guys so tremendous
Then all of the roads looked pretty stupendous
Where I found the hearts which feel no suspicious

The words are in vernacular
When the humble of indigenous so spectacular

Top of hills are so chill
You’ll faint then get unconsciousness
The wises will come after bill
Every Saint must had a weakness

Note :
Especially thanks to Ayos Purwoaji and Dwi Ardiyanto, I'd bothered you many times mates! Nuran Wibisono, Dwi Putri Ratnasari, and Rina Fariana, for a warm friendship. : D